Week 58: Darwin swims again

Lots of swimming this week for Darwin. We have to be careful to pick our time and place as we try not to annoy fishermen and twitchers alike. Darwin’s chosen lake is Hatchet Pond and she makes a beeline for the water whenever we are in sight. Out goes all the obedience training…the water is much more fun!

We had visitors with small people at the weekend; Darwin was very good and didn’t try to take any of their toys. However, when out walking she still believes that anyone holding a stick is holding her stick. This can lead to some worrying moments when Darwin wants to play with people half her size. Luckily no limbs were lost.


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One Response to “Week 58: Darwin swims again”

  1. sandysays1 Says:

    Hi Darwin,

    Sandy here. Sounds like your humans are concerned about you getting over enthused about you doing canine capers. Here’s a tip- do what they say everytime and they’ll feed you a treat every time you start off on your own thing but stop. You’ll have them wrapped around your paw pad in no time! Took me about 3 weeks to learn to stay out of the canal and to not go bowling with little folks used as the pins. http://www.sandysays1.wordpress.com

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