Week 60: Family Fun!

Darwin in front of the Christmas tree

Santa's Little Helper?

We had relatives to stay for a few days last week and we practically wore Darwin out. She loved the extra attention and had lots of different shoes to chew on. Darwin’s prowess on the football field also came to the fore as she defended with grit and determination and a lot of teeth (not so good for the ball). Jamie and Chris are very good at football, but Darwin could dispossess them within seconds, only trouble was that her distribution of the ball after a tackle left a little bit to be desired.

The ice on the heath had Darwin in pirouettes at times, but then the next day it would thaw and she would fall into the puddle she had previously skated across. All good fun, but perhaps not great for her legs, however, she didn’t seem to mind. She has decided that it is too cold for swimming now. No amount of coaxing could get her in when half the lake was frozen over, so I guess she does have some sense after all.

Christmas is almost upon us and Darwin is getting quite excited. No presents under our tree – we know they wouldn’t last 5 minutes…but not long to wait now. I need to stop TC from getting that last little thing. I think Darwin has tree presents and a pillow case to open in the morning!


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