Week 68: Oh Wet Pet…

Oh Wet Pet!

Darwin needs a bath...again

The picture above doesn’t do justice to the mess we’ve been in this week, but we’ve not thought to be taking pictures of our two tone dog this week (dark mud & light mud). So Darwin likes the rain, (and muddy puddles especially) but I must admit it’s not my favourite weather. And it takes forever to get her dry every time she goes out. Even walking on pavement, Darwin still seems to find a way to get covered in dirt & grime.

We hadn’t really noticed her full plumage until we had to clean every last strand of her coat. A retriever hairdresser would make a fortune…that is of course if retrievers had any money to pay for this service, which clearly as they are not one of the most intelligent dog breeds they are unlikely to have…as any dog entrepreneurs are likely to be border collies or the like.

Our jogging escapades have been curtailed by the weather and a nasty case of the lurgy affecting the household, but we’re pulling through and hope to be back on the road this week (weather permitting).


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