18 Months: Adolescent, but fun

Darwin’s well and having fun. It’s been a while since we’ve updated this site as we’ve been busy launching a business Ecomodo which allows people to lend and borrow everyday objects, skills and spaces. Darwin’s been a great help, chewing up various promotional materials and virtually anything that comes off our printer or is left on an unattended desk.

We’ve had many walks in the forest and the sunshine is a welcome relief from the wind and rain. Darwin has continued to search for any muddy puddle she can find when we’re out (these are reducing in number and size with every sunny minute!). Soon, I hope, we may not need to have a hose down after every walk. We finally got round to burning all the sticks Darwin amassed in our front garden (just in time we think before the adjutters accused us of deforestation). However, another pile is beginning to accumulate.

We’ve had lots of people coming down to stay with us recently which as been great fun and meant that we’ve got out a lot and explored more pub walks and even taken a gallop (well OK a plod) on some horses. Long may the weather continue. We’ve been on our first cycle ride into the forest and hope to do many more over the summer. My mountain bike is now available to hire through Ecomodo amongst a wealth of other things.

Darwin’s back legs don’t seem to be giving her any problems, but it is noticeable how narrow her hips are compared to other dogs especially when she’s just come out of the water…swimming is the new big thing…as the puddles diminish, Darwin’s keen on jumping into any lake, river or sea that might be nearby. She seems to attract lots of ticks as well (which we’ve had not so much fun removing).

Not sure whether the swimming is making her less protected. We’ve been using Frontline flea and tick protection, but suspect the only thing that may stop them is a kevlar vest (not sure where you can get these?).



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