22 Months: It was all going so well…

Just when I thought Darwin was the perfectly trained hound, she steals a pie.

Don’t be fooled by the long blond hair and the cute face, inside there is a pie-eating monster lurking to find it’s way out!
One of the problems with owning a very cute looking dog (not just our opinion), is that everyone who is mildly interested in dogs wants to meet her. Now normally she’s lovely and will sit still for small people or be a bit more playful if anyone has a stick or ball to hand. Then there’s the picnicker who wants to say hello and invites her over.

I tried to warn them this wasn’t the safest course of action if they wanted to continue to enjoy their food, but alas I was too late. After a few strokes, Darwin sensed an opening and pushed past the well-to-do greeters and laid eyes on a pie. A quick shimmy past Mum acting as goalkeeper and her gnashers were firmly around a still warm steak and kidney feast. I was dumb-struck for several seconds then found my voice and roared at her. It took several more seconds to recover the pie (uneaten, but with significant teeth marks) as Darwin weighed up the severity of the situation.

I apologised profusely and offered to replace the pie, but the family thought the episode most amusing and wouldn’t hear of it. It could have been a whole lot worse. It reminded me we have a whole lot more training to do, but in hindsight it really was quite funny!

For more information about owning a dog, please visit My Golden Retriever.


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