33 Months: Long Time Coming

Darwin with a big stick

If you only knew how difficult it is to run with this!

Darwin is doing extremely well and enjoying life in the country. It’s been a while since I updated this blog as we’ve been extremely busy with other things. Our lending and borrowing business Ecomodo.com has been getting more press and we’re determined to get more people to think about their purchases before parting with their money and consider whether they could borrow instead. We also launched a business for dog owners – Barker and Wags – that provides services and products to help dogs with mobility problems (like Darwin who suffers from hip dysplasia). These take time to set up and market and you find you can always be doing something more to make them better.

Anyway, Darwin is the star of this blog. She’s still a pie-eater (whenever the chance arises). We take her on a couple of walks a day and the exercise is good for all of us. She’s become a lap dog – because we let her…she now spends most evenings on the sofa with us watching TV and snoring – generally during programmes we’re interested in. Training is sporadic now. I sense she knows what she should and shouldn’t do, but will generally push the limits for attention and if there is food involved in any way.

We’ve just launched a Go-Walking tool on Barker and Wags that allows anyone to plot their favourite walks on a digital map and publish a description and photographs about the walk so that everyone can see where to go. We thought it would be nice to have a dedicated site where you could find recommended dog walks anywhere in the UK. It does need people to add their walks – so if you read this blog – please upload a walk or two. Darwin would be very happy to meet anyone on our walks!


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