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21 Months: Darwin’s been enjoying the weather

July 20, 2010
Darwin cooling off in the lake

Darwin enjoys a cool swim on a hot summer's day

We’ve been swimming in Hatchet Pond nearly everyday this month. The weather’s been great and Darwin enjoys cooling down. She’s not the greatest of swimmers and when I suggest any other stroke, like a bit of front crawl, she looks at me as if I’m barking mad.

The good dog collar that proved so effective in keeping Darwin away from unsuspecting picnickers has been drowned in the lake once too often and is refusing to work, so we’re hopeful that Darwin has grown out of her stealing food capers. She’s much better at coming back from other dogs now and apart from the occasional rabbit that needs to be chased she really is quite attentive. Her back legs seem a little stronger and I’ve taken her on a couple of very slow jogs, which she copes with much better than I do.


Week 65: Back in the Forest (then on the beach)

January 25, 2010
Darwin on the Beach

Every stick is my stick...

Darwin’s been chasing deer this week so we’ve kept her away from the forest for a few days to give them some rest. The beach is just as much fun when you have some friends to play with.

So much for all our training. Although she did come back eventually which is more than can be said for some for some of her pals. We’ve met several owners recently who were waiting for their dogs to return. I guess it’s their instictive chase reaction that we need to get more control over. I haven’t seen any dog catch a deer, but have heard a story or two about a poor bunny or duck from other owners which makes me think that we must get back into training mode again.

We’re keeping the walks a little shorter at the moment and going out more often to help build up muscle in the back legs (Vet’s orders). This does mean that Darwin isn’t that worn out from her first walk and is therefore prone to want to play a bit more when we get back… including sneaking upstairs and charging back down with whatever clothing she can find on the floor upstairs. Quite funny…but does mean that much of our clothing (including underwear) has lovely dog gunge all over it!

Week 57: Rain and more rain

November 30, 2009
Darwin and Maisy playing in a stream

Darwin & Maisy having fun!

Darwin’s been worn out this week, what with jumping into every puddle that she could possibly find and having Maisy to stay for the weekend. Monday has been all about getting some much needed rest!
Maisy is a black lab who at just under four months is wonderfully attentive and a great play friend for Darwin. They wrestled together for the whole weekend and looked to be having a tremendous time.
We went to the beach on Saturday, but the gales kept us away from the water – we have resolved to take Darwin swimming at least a couple of times a week from now onwards as the exercise is good for her hind legs.

Week 53: Darwin’s birthday

November 2, 2009
Darwin in the water

Can't wait to shake over my humans!

It was Darwin’s birthday this week which was a cause for celebration. We have a very dog-friendly pub which we can walk to via the forest. The Turfcutters Arms welcomes well-behaved dogs and children on a lead!

It seems as though the Turfs is a real meeting point for dogs as well as the locals and Darwin had a brilliant time chasing all her friends around in the garden.

I used to think the time I spent walking Darwin helped me to focus on what I wanted to do now that I have some time on my hands, but I’m beginning to feel guilty again about wasting this precious time by having long unproductive walks in this beautiful forest. I must tell my old work that I really have left and am not coming back for any more consultancy days. I think I may be using this work as an excuse for not buckling down and starting my own business.

Anyway, surely I must be able to come up with an idea around dogs to make some money from?

Week 41: final touches

August 9, 2009
Darwin about to jump into the pool

I want to play too

I thought work would be winding down by now, but I think I’m working longer hours than ever. They haven’t found a new MD and have asked me to stay on for a while so I’ve agreed to this. We, well OK, TC has just about finished the final decorating of the house (and the shower leak has been fixed – a problem that lasted nearly 12 months as the contractor would only come back when it suited him and it took 6 attempts to solve the issue).

We called estate agents in and the house is now on the rental market. I suggested Darwin could be part of the deal, then TC kicked me.

Week 26: the swimming dog

April 26, 2009
Darwin swimming

I love doggy paddle

After weeks of prompting and watching other dogs do it, Darwin finally took her legs off the ground and was swimming. We had been taking her to the lakes on the heath for weeks and TC had been in paddling with her in an effort to get her used to the water. She watched other dogs leap into the water and fetch sticks 50 yards out, but had previously refused to go beyond her depth. This time was different. We threw a stick a little further than usual and she was gliding through the water as if this was the most natural thing she’d ever done. We’re so proud. We’re thinking about putting her in for the 2012 Olympics doggy paddle.

She actually had to swim a few days earlier when she fell into another lake (she toppled in after chasing a coot to the edge). I pulled her out after this episode and was worried that she may never want to go back into the water.