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21 Months: Darwin’s been enjoying the weather

July 20, 2010
Darwin cooling off in the lake

Darwin enjoys a cool swim on a hot summer's day

We’ve been swimming in Hatchet Pond nearly everyday this month. The weather’s been great and Darwin enjoys cooling down. She’s not the greatest of swimmers and when I suggest any other stroke, like a bit of front crawl, she looks at me as if I’m barking mad.

The good dog collar that proved so effective in keeping Darwin away from unsuspecting picnickers has been drowned in the lake once too often and is refusing to work, so we’re hopeful that Darwin has grown out of her stealing food capers. She’s much better at coming back from other dogs now and apart from the occasional rabbit that needs to be chased she really is quite attentive. Her back legs seem a little stronger and I’ve taken her on a couple of very slow jogs, which she copes with much better than I do.


20 Months: Darwin doesn’t care about the football

June 22, 2010

Darwin thinks its a bone


Darwin’s been bright and bouncy this month. Our clever collar that we can beep her with if she’s doing something wrong seems to be ineffective when there’s a rabbit or deer in her sights. She even went into someone else’s house and stole a pair of socks (I later found out that she was goaded into this).

Anyway, the weather has been superb (unlike the football) and we have been out on many walks enjoying the greenery. I’ve needed to pop back into London a few times and am staggered at how unfriendly the place is…long live life in the country!

Week 17: dog training…

February 22, 2009

It’s still cold and Darwin still needs to be watched every second. TC has started proper dog training classes and we are trying to train her to walk with us on a lead…not pull us wherever she may want to go. The training for this is to correct her every time she pulls. This effectively means that we don’t get to the end of the street as Darwin obviously hasn’t been listening and hasn’t read any of the books that tell her that upon corrective action she should no longer pull us.

It’s quite amazing how strong Darwin has become already…and how sharp her teeth are.