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21 Months: Darwin’s been enjoying the weather

July 20, 2010
Darwin cooling off in the lake

Darwin enjoys a cool swim on a hot summer's day

We’ve been swimming in Hatchet Pond nearly everyday this month. The weather’s been great and Darwin enjoys cooling down. She’s not the greatest of swimmers and when I suggest any other stroke, like a bit of front crawl, she looks at me as if I’m barking mad.

The good dog collar that proved so effective in keeping Darwin away from unsuspecting picnickers has been drowned in the lake once too often and is refusing to work, so we’re hopeful that Darwin has grown out of her stealing food capers. She’s much better at coming back from other dogs now and apart from the occasional rabbit that needs to be chased she really is quite attentive. Her back legs seem a little stronger and I’ve taken her on a couple of very slow jogs, which she copes with much better than I do.


20 Months: Darwin doesn’t care about the football

June 22, 2010

Darwin thinks its a bone


Darwin’s been bright and bouncy this month. Our clever collar that we can beep her with if she’s doing something wrong seems to be ineffective when there’s a rabbit or deer in her sights. She even went into someone else’s house and stole a pair of socks (I later found out that she was goaded into this).

Anyway, the weather has been superb (unlike the football) and we have been out on many walks enjoying the greenery. I’ve needed to pop back into London a few times and am staggered at how unfriendly the place is…long live life in the country!

Week 11: Darwin’s first walk and raindrops

January 11, 2009

me and my dog ..

Darwin’s first encounter with rain was hysterical. Raindrops landed all around her and splashed up on to her feet. She couldn’t at first make out where they came from and tried to jump on them as they hit the floor. Then realisation dawned as she felt them hit her nose. The next few minutes were fabulous watching her jump this way and that to catch them.

I’ve had a week back at work, but fortunately TC is working from home so is able to give her the attention she needs. Strangely, Darwin isn’t the sort of puppy that follows you around, she seems to be quite independent and happy to wander off and investigate the world on her own.

We took Darwin on her first lead walk this week. Well part carry, part walk. The first dog she met was a huge Irish Wolfhound who took two sniffs and marched off. Darwin took the experience in her stride challenging the giant to play. The wolfhound thankfully had already had breakfast.

Week 10: Happy New Year!

January 4, 2009

Back to work tomorrow. I’ll miss Darwin, though I must admit, running her out into the garden to try to get her toilet trained in the freezing cold hasn’t been pleasant and seems to be a relentless task.

Darwin hasn’t soiled the crate once, so we’re convinced this is a good invention. However there have been one or two indiscretions inside, generally ending with our shouting at her after the event – one day we’ll actually catch her in the act. It’s ok in the kitchen (tiled floor) but we have original wooden floorboards throughout the rest of the house and once the pee has gone between the boards, it’s gone forever (and smells forever). We’ll keep her in the kitchen for now.

We had a party the day before New Year ’s Eve. Darwin met lots of different people, but we’re still looking for someone with a beard (the books say to introduce your dog to all sorts of things in the first 16 weeks to overcome stress problems later). We quickly realised that Darwin’s sharp little teeth which I think are quite funny and endearing when chewing on me can be quite painful for smaller hands, so we supervised all meetings with little people and kept these to brief encounters with the promise of more to come in the New Year.

Week 8: a new home

December 20, 2008

still asleep ..

I let TC drive (London to Brighton) as it was the day after my Christmas party at work. I remember thinking that our puppy was going to think I’m an alcoholic.

Getting a puppy just before Christmas probably isn’t the most sensible thing to do. My family always had a dog, so I grew up with them but TC has never owned one. What if they don’t get on?

We had given the breeder a blanket to keep the scent of her brothers and sisters and we brought along a cardboard box we had used for moving which she fitted easily into. Her first toy was a ‘my first mallard’ which she seemed to enjoy chewing as she lay in the box.

I drove home (hoping any police would be out doing their own Christmas shopping) whilst TC played with our dog in the back seat. At 7.5 weeks old, she weighed c.2kg and could be easily picked up with one hand.

Week 3: What it’s like to Own a Dog

November 27, 2008

just under 4 weeks old ..
After months of searching we had found a breeder that had an enormous litter of puppies (11 in total) and still had a bitch and a boy available. Our name had been down on a couple of other lists, but there had not been enough pups to go round. We made the journey to just outside of Brighton hoping that we may be able to find a golden retriever pup that we could call our own.

We had read the books and articles advising us to meet the mum dog and only choose a puppy that was healthy and interested to see us. The problem with this advice however is that it all goes out of the window when you come face-to-face with such cute little devils.

Eleven bundles of fluff were seemingly creating havoc in the living room of a small terraced house when we made our way inside after waiting for the previous family to leave.

“I’m afraid there’s only one left.” The breeder said. “It’s a female, which is what you said you wanted, however, she’s a bit smaller than the rest.”

She had a yellow ribbon around her neck and was apparently number ten of eleven. We paid the deposit.