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21 Months: Darwin’s been enjoying the weather

July 20, 2010
Darwin cooling off in the lake

Darwin enjoys a cool swim on a hot summer's day

We’ve been swimming in Hatchet Pond nearly everyday this month. The weather’s been great and Darwin enjoys cooling down. She’s not the greatest of swimmers and when I suggest any other stroke, like a bit of front crawl, she looks at me as if I’m barking mad.

The good dog collar that proved so effective in keeping Darwin away from unsuspecting picnickers has been drowned in the lake once too often and is refusing to work, so we’re hopeful that Darwin has grown out of her stealing food capers. She’s much better at coming back from other dogs now and apart from the occasional rabbit that needs to be chased she really is quite attentive. Her back legs seem a little stronger and I’ve taken her on a couple of very slow jogs, which she copes with much better than I do.


Week 56: what wonderful weather we’re having (not)

November 24, 2009

Darwin thinks chasing leaves is fun and jumping in all the puddles is even better so she’s not minded the weather this last week. She loves getting covered in mud so that she has to be hosed down when we get her home which is another great game! We drive to the forest for our walks which means we have a bit of shelter from the gales, but need to pick our times so that we don’t get caught in a downpour, which is easier said than done at the moment.

Darwin’s play-mate ‘Magic’ couldn’t come down to see her this weekend as she had to keep her stitches in for a few more days, but we have another play-mate ‘Maisy’ coming this weekend which should be fun. Maisy is a 3-month old black lab.